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Tightlining! The Makeup Trick That Makes Your Eyelashes Look Thicker.

It’s The Quickest Way To Define Your Eyes And Make Eyelashes Look Thicker And Fuller.

If you want a simple but very effective way to make your lashes appear thicker and fuller then tightlining is your go to trick. It’s a word that you may not have heard of before but has been around for awhile. It is a simple technique that changes your eye makeup in a subtle but very effective way. In simple terms it is a line drawn on your upper wet line with waterproof eyeliner. It fills in the gaps between your lashes giving the perception that you have more lashes.

For people that have hooded eyes or very little eyelid space then using the tightlining technique can be the only way to achieve a lined look without loosing your eyelid space for your eye shadow.

Here are some before and after shots so that you can see the difference it makes.

This picture shows how a small space tightlined can create a fuller effect.

pinterest tightline

People with small lid space or hooded eyes benefit the most from this technique.

Goss Tightlining

Tightlining is the missing link to creating the ultimate false lash look without using false lashes. It is a secret that the professionals have been using for quite some time and has now been exposed. If there was only one technique worth learning this year tightlining would be it. This technique is worth every second it takes you to do (5min).

For a straightforward, detailed tutorial outlining the steps to tightling click “NEXT”.