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Makeup For Busy Women
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Selfies Sends Makeup Sales Soaring

Image-Conscious Women Make Sure They Look Their Best For The Camera.

Selfies have driven a soar in make-up sales as women constantly touch up their faces to look camera-ready. The selfie craze, which was started by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, has boosted sales in cosmetics and with the driving force of beauty vbloggers and industry innovations these figures are bound to increase.

The most popular and the most profitable products being concealer and brow makeup closely followed by lip color shows that more and more women are becoming more confident and photo ready.

So instead of shying away from the camera why not play the confidence card and strike a pose. To help you with this I thought I would share with you one of the best “How To” videos on taking selfies I could find.

Watch this video and say goodbye to double chins and dark eyes in your selfies forever.

Special Thanks To Michelle Phan For Posting This Video.