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Reverse Smokey Eye, Is It Worth Trying?

Beauty Trends Come And Go And The Latest One Doing The Rounds Is The Reverse Smokey Eye But Is It For You?

The smokey eye has been around longer than time itself. It’s a classic look that is worn by millions of women everyday throughout the world. So when the reverse smokey eye came about it was almost like the world stopped and gasped as if to say “Who would dare try to change a classic look” but really the reverse smokey eye has only slightly changed the look of the classic smokey eye. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham and Kendall Jenner are fans. So it must be a beauty trend to look at so lets go deeper to explore:

reverse smokey eye

So, what is exactly is a reverse smokey eye, you ask?

With this variation of the smokey eye, the smokey part goes on the waterline, rather than the eyelid. Being underneath the eye, the effect is a lot more visible than the traditional beauty-look.


Before you click your heels, turn around and say, “that’s way too much for me,” we assure you that this look can be as dramatic or subtle as you like. If it’s Saturday night and you’d like to up the anti, line the bottom lashes with an eye pencil. Work your way from the outside in and stop once you’ve reached the three-quarter mark. Then, you can create the smokey effect by blending.

The subtle reverse smokey is just as easy. Rather than using a pencil, line the lower lid with a brush and eye shadow. Brown shades work best but coppers, grays and plums are fun too! Just as you do for the dramatic version, start from the edge of your eye and keep going until you’re three-quarters of the way through.

And let’s not neglect the eyelids entirely! Cover them up with a dash of eyeshadow.

Finish the look off with a good coating of mascara, obvs.

Voila! Now that wasn’t too tricky, was it?

If, like me, you like learning by watching here is a tutorial.

Special Thanks To Shaaanxo For Posting This Video.