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One Astonishing Woman And 6 Disney Inspired Looks.

What Did They Say To Her To Get This Reaction About The Disney Inspired Looks?

It’s every girls dream to dress up and be a princess and that is no different for Maddy who has Downs Syndrome. Six different Disney Inspired looks created especially for her from the hairstyles (very important in the princess world) to the Makeup. This video stops you in your tracks and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Although Maddy doesn’t want to be treated any differently because of her condition it’s hard not to feel inspired when you here the words “I just want you to have fun” from the director before they start and you see the nerves fade away and the fun and professionalism take over.

If you haven’t already heard of Madeline Stuart she is the first Adult female Model with Downs Syndrome that is taking the modelling world by storm. Transforming into each Disney Inspired look Madeline is heart warming and inspiring and should be a role model, not only to other people with Downs Syndrome but to other younger people who are hesitant to chase their dreams. To give you a brief description about Madeline here is a little about her:

Madeline Stuart is changing society’s perceptions of beauty – one photo shoot at a time.

Madeline Stuart is an 18 year old aspiring model from Brisbane, Australia with Down Syndrome. As with many people with Down Syndrome Maddy struggled with her weight for a long time, and last year she decided to get healthy and chase after her dreams.

Maddy really wants to change the way people discriminate against disability through gaining attention through social media. She wants people to know that Down Syndrome is a blessing, something to be celebrated. “She loves the camera! People need to see how she shines, how her personality just bursts out.” Help Maddy get her message across by sharing her photos and her story and make the world a better place.

Watch As Madeline Is Transformed Into 6 Disney Inspired Looks.

Special Thanks To BuzzFeedvideo For Posting This Video.