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Makeup For Busy Women

How To Fake Thicker Natural Looking Eyebrows

Soft Full Brows Are Still Very Popular This Season But How Do You Create Them If You Don’t Naturally Have Them?

I hear it all the time. Big, bushy eyebrows are in but┬álike many I wasn’t blessed with this essential beauty item so I have to fake it. The challenge you face when having to do this is getting it right.

Making sure you don’t over do it and have caterpillars sitting on top of your eyes is a skill. It’s a delicate balance and getting the right advice on where to start and finish along with where to arch your new natural, fuller eyebrows is essential.

This tutorial will hold your hand a walk you through, step by step on how to Create Thicker Natural looking Eyebrows.

Special Thanks To mirrelabellebeauty For Posting This Video.