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Makeup For Busy Women
bake your face

How To “Bake” Your Makeup For Flawless Skin.

Baking Is a Makeup Technique That Was Invented By Drag Queens To Make Their Makeup Stay On Their Faces Longer.

No makeup technique is safe when it comes to staying power and results. Baking your face is one of those techniques that has proven to be a winner and has been tried and tested by the toughest audience there is…..Drag Queens.

We are all after flawless skin and the baking technique is one that lets the skin melt or “Bake” into the pores and creases making it appear flawless and perfect. It is a technique that all celebrity makeup artist are now using on their clients including the Kardashians. So if it’s being used on the biggest celebrities right now surely it’s something worth looking into.

This video shows everyday women attempting this “Baking” technique and the results are amazing.

Special Thanks To Buzzfeedvideo For Posting This Video.