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Makeup For Busy Women
Acne Collage

How One Girl Over Came Her Acne Embarrassment With Makeup.

She Disguises Her Acne By Using A Combination Of Products And Techniques And Now She Shares Her Secrets With You.

If you are one of the many women out there that suffer from acne be reassured that you are not alone. Cassandra is one of those people and has suffered with it for as long as she can remember. Her acne appears all over her body from her ear lobes down across her back. Although her embarrassment and shame is evident Cassandra has found a way to hide the redness and lumps.

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Through many years of practice and trail and error Cassandra has come up with not only the techniques she uses but also the products that work. She is not sponsored by any cosmetic companies so her opinion is based upon her own trials and  is why her honest recommendations are a gold mine for others that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars testing products out.

Her honest approach to her foundation routine should give others hope. Her technique mainly rests on the use of her finger tips. melting and spreading the products evenly over her face. As each step of her routine is revealed her acne becomes less visible until the end results show a completely transformed person. Her acne is not her defining feature and your eyes are not drawn to the redness.

It’s simply amazing how she uses her makeup to create a even canvas to start her everyday makeup.

If You Suffer From Acne Or Just Want To Know How To Create A Beautiful Even Skin Tone For Makeup Click “Next” To Be Taken To The Video Tutorial.