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How Can Orange Color Correcting Hide The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

It Sounds Crazy But Does Color Correcting Really Work? If You’re Totally Confused By Color Correcting Here Is How It Works.

Everyone has different things that they worry about on their face. If your younger you will still have pimples to deal with whilst if your older you will have age spots to contend with, nearly everyone hates their under eye circles which is why color correcting is an amazing makeup technique.

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Unlike contouring, color correcting makeup is specific to your own face. Look at yourself in the mirror and determine the skin imperfections you would like to cover up. Do you have under eye circles, pimples, age spots or veins each one of these problems has an opposite color that will camouflage the imperfection.

Color correcting is all about cancelling out the undertones that you want to hide, in other words the colors that are giving you grief. Color correcting works off of a color wheel. Each skin undertone is cancelled out using the opposite color on the wheel. Below is a color wheel, it will give you an idea on how this color correcting technique works.

color wheel

For instance the most popular colors used in this technique are:


It Cancels Out Blue Undertones Like:

Under eye darkness, intense shadows,

Bruises, hyper-pigmentation or veins

Suitable for light/medium to dark skin tones.

Mint Green:   

It neutralizes Red Zones:

Used to cover any pimples or red marks/veins.

Light Mauve:

It neutralizers Yellow undertones.

Used to cover age spots, old bruises.

O.k I know you are probably going WTF so I have included this video called Color Correcting For Beginners and it shows you how it is done and answers all the questions I am sure you have right now.

Click “Next” To Watch This Amazing, Straightforward Video On Color Correcting And Get A Flawless Looking Makeup Look.