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Makeup For Busy Women
Gold Eyeliner Collage

Gold Eyeliner That Will Rock Your World.

Everything That Glitters Is Gold And Your Eyeliner Takes A Golden Punch.

Inspired by the nail art that is currently taking over the catwalks, designers and makeup artist are putting a little dazzle, in the way of gold metallic eyeliner, into our winged assets.

It’s a look that I would only recommend wearing on a night out but I am sure there are a few of you out there ready to break the rules and wear it to the office and hats off to you for being so daring.

I have cruised the web sorting through all the gold eyeliner images I could find and have come up with these 5 brilliant ways you can adapt this makeup trend into your makeup look right now.

I hope you enjoy!

The Winged Eyeliner Gets A Little Sparkle.

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Intense But With The Black Rimmed Eye It Works.

gold eyeliner makeup 1

Subtle But Nice.

Simple-gold-eyeliner 1

The Winged Eyeliner But This Time Gold Is Featured On The Outer Tip And Inner Rim.

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With Dramatic Lashes Having Gold On Both The Upper And Lower Lashes Makes Your Eyes Glow.

top-and-bottom-lidsblack-eyeliner-gray-water 1

If You Would Like To Know How To Do A Gold Eyeliner I Have Included A Tutorial By Pixiwoo On The Next Page.