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A Fool-Proof Way to Achieve The Purrfect Cat Eye Liner.

The Cat Eye Liner can be tricky to master but this fool-proof method of application is unique and guaranteed to have you applying it like a Pro!

That’s the hard part done (if you can call it that). Now you’re going to work on filling in that shape you have just completed. It helps if you turn the pen on its side to color the body of the shape but when you come to the flick use the tip of the pen as it will give you a more precise line.

Cat Eye Liner

Felt tip pens are great but they lack the pigmentation of a liquid or gel eyeliner. To make your cat eye liner darker and stand out you will need to go over your line using whatever product you prefer. This is the opportunity for you to really sharpen up the end point so take your time with it.

Cat Eye Liner

If you’re struggling with filling in or just getting the end right and precise just go in with a cotton bud and a little makeup remover and tidy up around the edges to give it a really crisp line.

Cat Eye Liner

Finish off the look by adding a pair of false eyelashes and applying mascara to blend your natural lashes in with the false ones.

Cat Eye Liner

And then that it is for this look. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you would like to see a video tutorial explaining in detail and showing you step by step how it is done please click on the image below.

Special Thanks To Eimear McElheron For Posting This Video Post.

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