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Eye Shadow Master Pieces.

Every now and then a Makeup Artist will be discovered and her talents will totally blow your mind.

Tal Peleg is one of those artists and what she creates is simply fascinating.

My name is Tal Peleg. Art has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember myself. I love illustration, photography and makeup, and the eye-art is my way of mixing all of these passions together by using the eye as my canvas.

 I create all the eye-art on my own eye. I use the shape of the eye and its natural curves as part of the illustration in a creative way. and I use mostly eye shadow, eyeliners and watercolors, and of course – super tiny brushes. It takes hours of work, and lots of patience, but I really enjoy every moment of the process!

Still to this day I am yet to find another artist that does what Tal Taleg does. Her skills are unique unto herself and to fully appreciate and celebrate her amazing talent I have included some of her amazing artwork.

Peacock- Notice how each feather features their own color.

 peacock eye

2. Superhero Barbie comes to your rescue.

super hero barbie

3. Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your golden hair.

rapunzel eye

Tal finds a lot of her inspiration from fairy tales. She has created many masterpieces featuring some of her favorite tales and here are just a few.

fairytale eye

A Special Thanks To Tal Taleg For Posting The Above Images.