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Easy Steps To Make Your Dark Circles Vanish.

Dark Circles Could Be The Reason You Look So Tired Even Though Your Not.

Your feeling great, you’ve had a good nights sleep ( 8 hours ) and you feel rested so why is everyone asking if you feel alright? More often than not it is because you are sporting a healthy set of dark circles under your eyes. As frustrating as this is there is a way to hide these mysterious beauty hazards and it’s not by stacking on the concealer.

The mistake that many of us make when trying to hide our dark circles is to reach for the concealer and start applying it directly onto the dark skin around our eyes. This doesn’t work and creates a thick layer of makeup that feels uncomfortable and looks terrible. The best way and the way that looks most natural is by using, what is called in the beauty circle as color correcting.

Using the right color to counter act your problem zone and then applying a light coat of concealer and then a powder to give it a longer lasting result your left with an air brushed perfect look. It sounds too good to be true and once it is mastered, some people need to do it a few times to work out how much color they should add to get that natural look, it’s a technique that you will never go without for as long as you have dark circles.

Here Are Some Before And After Photos Of Girls With Dark Circles That Have Been Color Corrected.

Fair Skin

fair skin

Medium Skin

indian skin

Dark Skin

dark skin

Dark Circles Can Make You Look Tired, Sick And Withdrawn. They Don’t Discriminate and Woman From All Walks Of Life Have Them. The Good News Is That They Are One Of The Easiest Beauty Problems To Fix.

For A Easy Step By Step Tutorial Showing You How To Make Your Dark Circles Disappear Click “NEXT”.