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Contour Your Nose Into The Shape You’ve Always Wanted.

Contour Your Nose –  Much More Than Two Lines Down The Side Of Your Nose!

Your nose sits in the middle of your face. It’s the first thing that people notice when they see you, so its no wonder women want to contour it to the shape that they love. Contouring may seem like a complicated routine of concealer and highlighter which is why so many women skip this essential part of the makeup routine. To contour your nose you will need some tools and products to get you going but once you have these skills you will honestly wonder how you ever lived without it.

Kim Kardashian is well known for her nose contour and so are many other celebrities so lets get started and learn the steps to a perfect Kardashian nose contour.

contour you nose

  1. Don’t be afraid to contour more of your nose than you think is necessary. Not only is Kim’s nose shaded from the browbone all the way down, but most of the skin on her nostrils is shaded as well. This will create a serious slimming effect.

  2. Always highlight down the centre of your nose. A perfect contour is nothing without a highlight! You should create a stripe of light colour down your nose, starting from between your brows down to the tip. Keep the line steady and symmetrical, but feel free to play with the width (depending on how narrow you want your nose to appear).

  3. Add subtle shade to the tip of your nose. You have to look very closely to see this, but the end of Kim’s nose has a bit of contour on it. This will prevent your nose from looking too long. However, you should skip this step if you have a short button nose.

  4. Use matching contouring colours in the hollows of your cheekbones and around your forehead. Everything should look natural and seamless — using the same products and shades will prevent any weird mismatching issues while balancing your overall look.

  5. Finish your contouring look with a bit of shading along your eye sockets. This will complete the illusion of goddess-level bone structure.

  6. Don’t forget to blend! While you do want to maintain the integrity of the lines you’ve created as you buff them out, they should not look like actual lines drawn on your face.

So now you know the steps here is a nose contour tutorial that will guide you through.

Special Thanks To iluvsarahii For Posting This Video.