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Makeup For Busy Women
contour Collage


Instagram Is Known For Starting Many Beauty Trends And Contouring Is One That Just Keeps Giving.

There is no doubt that contouring is an important part of any beauty routine. It can change your features by using low lights and highlights but I can honestly say that I am so sick and tired of seeing the dark blotches and white stripes on faces all over every social media that it was with great pleasure that I viewed this extremely funny video taking the @#%& out of the Instagram beauties trying to get ahead of their competition by using household utensils to draw in their contour lines.

As you can see from these photos the ridiculous tools that some Instagram bloggers use to become the next viral super star is worth the laugh out loud giggle you will get when you watch this video all the way through.

Spoon Contouring

spoon contour

Whisk Contouring

whisk contour

Sometimes makeup is taken way to seriously and every now and then we should all just sit back and watch something that makes us laugh.

To Watch This Tongue In Cheek Contouring Video, Be Warned There Are Some Swear Words  (used in a funny way), Simply Click Next.