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Are You Ready For Ribbon Eyeliner? The Biggest Instagram Trend Right Now!

Check out the gallery and then follow the steps of this eye makeup tutorial to Create your own take on the Ribbon Eyeliner.


For the past 5 years we have been struggling along to create the perfect winged eyeliner. From using a eyeliner stencil, for those that just need a little guidance and freestyle for the more experienced makeup guru. Either way the winged eyeliner has been a makeup staple that women have loved worldwide. So where do we go from here to make this makeup classic more modern? You add color and a ribbon effect to create Ribbon Eyeliner.


Ribbon eyeliner is the hottest new makeup trend taking Instagram by storm and the best bit is there is no, one ribbon eyeliner fits all. They vary from person to person with everyone having their own style and color choices. The look involves using different coloured liners to create a spiral effect around a classic black winged look.


So how exactly do you achieve this look?

As you can probably deduce from the name, this eyeliner trend involves a twisted shape. More specifically, first things first, you need to draw the perfect straight thick black line along your lashes and angle it up at the edge as you would do when creating a classic cat flick. Once you’ve finally got your flicks even (because THAT takes about half an hour on its own, let’s face it), you need to grab a colored eyeliner pen and create a twisted shape around your black flick, like a ribbon. As you can see from the pictures below you can achieve the look using multicolor pens, or with just one block color,  or you can add a metallic or glitter liner into the mix to up the stakes even more – but either way, prepare to spend a lot of time squinting in front of the mirror, but the results are worth it.


So that is it. Nothing to it…right. Well incase you are feeling inspired about the ribbon eyeliner trend and want to know how to do this.

Here is an amazing tutorial by Youtube sensation Glam&Gore.

So how do you feel about this makeup trend? Are you going to jump on board? We would love to know your thoughts.

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