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Breast Contouring men
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An Hilarious Look At 4 Men And The Effect That Breast Contouring Has On Them.

Hilarious, Jiggly, Boob Trickery and Weird are just some of the words used to describe the look of boobs contoured onto the chests of 4 men.

Men love boobs but I bet they never thought they would have their very own set that they could jiggle and touch until their hearts were content. In this very funny video 4 men get breasts contoured (using makeup) onto their chests. Makeup can be a powerful tool in the illusion of making things look bigger or smaller as this video shows.

Watch This Insanely Funny Video Of 4 Men And Their Experience With Breast Contouring.

Special Thanks To BuzzFeedVideo For Posting This Video.