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This Is How Much Your Favorite Beauty Vlogger Actually Earns.

It’s Every Girls Dream Come True But Can You Make A Living Out Of Being A Vlogger?


Who knew that vlogging about everything to do with beauty could be such a lucrative business? Imagine the free samples and the many invites to the product launches that cosmetic companies have. It sounds like a dream and it is actually coming true for a very special select group of young ladies.

Vlogging has never been so lucrative and these 3 ladies are proof that there is money to be made from testing and trialing the many beauty products that get launched every year. It’s not about agreeing with what beauty manufacturers are saying, it’s all about providing an honest critique that their audience can relate to.

Like it or hate it the beauty industry is being forced to be honest about their products and have be known to reach out to these Vloggers to get them to test and provide a review of their product. You would have to think that the beauty companies would have to be pretty secure and confident on their product to do this.

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Introducing Three Of The Hottest And Highest Earning Beauty Vloggers Right Now.

Zoella, 50,000 per month
As in every month. Yup, at the grand old age of 25, Zoella is pretty damn rich thanks to her blog, books and beauty line – all adored by her 10million+ subscribers. According to The Sunday Times, the internet star took home over 400,000 from her YouTube career in the eight months up to November 2014 (all of those juicy endorsement deals will have helped a bit, too).

Michelle Phan, 2.1million per year

Thought your favourite UK YouTubers earned a lot? Well in the US, theres a whole new level of vlogger stardom to be reached. Michelle Phan, whose celebrity inspired makeup tutorials have clocked up over 1billion views, has built an entire cosmetics company out of her interest a venture which now brings in over $84million in sales annually.

Rachel “Bunny” Meyer, $45,000 per month
With over 4million subscribers, @Grav3yardgirl is a firm internet sensation thanks to her popular Does This Thing Really Work? video series. The reward for such innovation? A whopping 45 grand per month, thats what.