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Makeup For Busy Women
eyebrow fail collage

7 Mind Blowing Eyebrows That Will Have You Feeling Grateful For Yours.

Never Feel Bad About Your Eyebrows Again With These “What Were They Thinking” Fails.

As Women we are always plucking and shaping our eyebrows. It starts from a young age and we keep experimenting as the trends come and go and the hairs just don’t grow back anymore. The magazine and beauty sites keep changing whats acceptable and what’s not. The bar keeps getting higher and we are always chasing the perfect arch but what we don’t realise is that we are never going to reach it as it just keeps changing. It’s frustrating………

But what you are about to see is going to make you love your brows like never before.

1) Sharp!

Not sure whether her hair or her eyebrows peaked first.

2) Flowery!

This is taking your love of nature too far.

3) What did she exactly try to do?

Why would you want your eyebrows to touch in the middle…….EVER!

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