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5 Very Different Graphic Eyeliner Ideas.

Eyeliner Is Never Boring And This Years Graphic Eyeliner Look Is Bold and Beautiful.

It featured heavily in Fall 2015 NYFW in all the runway shows but is it a makeup trend that can be worn by everyday gorgeous people. Here at Makeup Gazette we give it the thumbs up and here is why.

This fall the eyeliner varied in so many ways that if one way didn’t suit you or was too hard to achieve there were other ways and designs that you could try.

Paint, Splatter And Smudge Your Way Into Looking Like You Just Stepped Off The Runway. Here are a few looks that will inspire you to pull out that liquid eyeliner and start drawing perfect and not so perfect lines.

Lets Start with the “Double Winged Eyeliner” featured in the Mugler Fall 2015 Campaign.

Nothing over the top here just two wings instead of the classic one wing. A steady hand is always needed for winged eyeliner but if you find this one too hard lets move onto the next one.





No steady hand required here and pretty much anything goes. It doesn’t have to be perfect but my tip is to keep it on the eye lid and don’t go out of the eye shadow line.



The ZIG ZAG By Vaccarello Fall 2015.

A cute almost star looking liner. Great for an edgy, bikey chick look. This would also look smoking hot if you applied it to one side only.


Black Kohl By Victoria Beckham fall 2015.

Love her or hate her Victoria Beckham always seems to nail it and this time is no different. Applying black Kohl liner to the bottom rim and smudging the eyeliner across the bottom lash line. Again this doesn’t have to be precise and is a look that absolutely everyone should and could do.



Graphic Lines Top & Bottom By Rochas Fall 2015.

For the more adventurous, confident person. Basically all you need to do here is follow the natural lines of your eyes. For the top line use your socket line as a guide and the bottom line use your lash line. You can go as thick or as thin as you like. Remember there are no real rules with eyeliner this Fall.