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5 Fall Lip Color Trends You Should Try Before Your Friends

The latest Fall lip color trends are absolutely stunning and you’re going to want to replace your entire makeup drawer with new beauty buys!

As a makeup lover the end of a season doesn’t just represent a change of weather it’s more about the change of makeup trends and the latest styles of makeup that I am going to wear during the next 3 months. This Fall the different lip color trends are amazing and simply put, gorgeous.

There are 5 main lip color trends this Fall and there is something for everyone. From the dark burgundies to metallics it’s time for you to clean out your makeup drawer and jump on these trends before your friends do because you know you love to be the leader of the pack!

Fall lip color trends

Perfect Matte Lips in a Subdued Nude

Honestly, is there anything more chic than a perfectly lined nude lip? This is a Fall lip color trends that can’t be ignored.
Fall lip color trends

Grey Lips

If you haven’t ever thought about going grey, in the lip department that is, why not consider it now? There are so many different shades of this Fall lip color trends that every skin color can enjoy it. Don’t be shy take the plunge. Better to be grey on your lips and not your hair.

Fall lip color trends

Brick Red Lips

Sure you’ve probably tried all of your fire engines, cherries and poison apple reds. But have you tried brick red yet? It’s a more sophisticated and muted take on the classic.

Fall lip color trends

The Dark Fairy Look

The dark fairy look is all about getting the Burgundy color that is right for you. It’s dark and mysterious and very sexy.

Fall lip color trends

Chrome Metallics

This Fall lip color trends is not for the faint at heart. It’s bold and can be intimidating so if your brave enough to try it ( and I suggest you do ) wear it with pride.