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3 Tips You Need To Know To Arouse Your Man With Red Lipstick

Your On A Date And It’s Crunch Time But How Do You Do This Without Sharing Your Red Lipstick With Your Man?

matte red lipstick

Red Lipstick is the classic color that says your confident with who you are and are ready to take on the world. It’s the color that turns men on the most and the one that women desperately want to make their signature but there is an element of hesitation when applying.

I could go on but “Into the Gloss” have written everything I wanted to say.

If I had a dollar for every time I stood in front of a mirror, 10 minutes before a date, deliberating whether I should put on red lipstick, I would be rich. On one hand, if done right, there is nothing more effective than a swipe of Nars’ Jungle Red—it gives you a valid excuse to forgo eye makeup, relying solely on the casual cool of your natural hair and a white tee. And, in a perfect world, it makes you look Georgia May Jagger off-duty—the stuff male fantasies are made of. Yet, in the real world, you run the risk of being perceived like you’re trying too hard or, paradoxically enough, a prude on subliminal defense from a potential kiss (even if you do manage to surpass the kissing frontier, there is a high chance a pressed white button-down will be ruined). In short, red lipstick is a beauty danger zone to tread at your own risk.


Now having said all that there are 3 tips you need to know to make that red lippy stay put and look amazing.

Tip 1/ Preparation, preparation, preparation. It’s not just with red lipstick it is with all colors. You need to have soft, dry skin free lips. If you are going to spend the money on making your lips the focal point to your face do what you have to to make them look amazing. Check out this tutorial it has everything you need to know to kiss me lips. “CLICK HERE”

Lady Jay 1

TIP 2/ Try using a Matte lipstick

There are amazing lipsticks that stay on your pout and do not transfer even when your lucky enough to be in the clutches of your dream man.  Skin O2 have release a beautiful matte lipstick that goes with all skin tones and is hydrating, will not peel off or feel cakey. It is called Lady Jay Matte Lipstick and is a gorgeous color.


TIP 3/

Once you have applied your matte red lip line it with a matching red. This way you can hide any mishaps or not so perfect lines.

So never hesitate again, pull out your red lippy, apply it with confidence and get your man all hot and bothered on your dates. Even if you don’t have a man make them look at you and wonder what it would be like.