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3 Steps To Make Your Strobing “POP”

3 Steps To Make Your Strobing “POP”

Strobing Is All About Layering Your Highlights. Here Are The 3 Steps You Need To Know.

In case you haven’t heard contouring is out and strobing is in. By now you should know what contouring is all about, if you don’t check out my article on contouring but what is this hot new trend, Strobing?

Strobing is really just highlighting, intense highlighting layered to give your face an intense glow or strobing effect. It’s perfect for summer and gives you a dewy soft look unlike contouring which can look a little more severe because of the low lights added to give it depth.

main pic

So let’s get into it. Here is a step by step process to achieving “kick ass” Strobing.
  1. The first step is to apply a crème highlighter to the high points of your face, or the points that you want to bring forward. A crème base is going to hold onto any powders that you layer on top to give that intense look. These points include the brow bone, cheek bones and bridge of your nose.

Step 1


2. Once you have laid down our crème highlight it is time to intensify it a little bit more with a glow powder. Not only does this intensify the highlight but it also helps to set the crème you applied in step 1.

step 2


3. The last step to Strobing is just “hitting” those areas that you want the most intense highlighting. So far you have achieved an all over sheen but now you want to hit the top of the cheek bones, brow bone, inner eye corner highlight, tip of the nose and cupids bow so that they stand out and “POP”.

Step 3


Now I know I said that was the last step but just to make sure what we have just done stays put I suggest you spray your face with a fixing spray. This will make the powders settle into the face giving it a more dewy look.

Final Step


So that is it. Strobing is intense layering of highlight. It’s a beautiful look that it captivating the beauty world and is a makeup technique that everyone should know. It’s not as complicated as contouring and the effect is softer and a more radiant look.

I Have Included The Full Tutorial Featuring The Tips And Tricks To Making This Look Work. Enjoy

Special Thanks To Desi Perkins For Posting This Amazing Tutorial.