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Makeup For Busy Women

3 Steps For A Fuss Free Way To Get The Perfect Eyebrows For You!

3 Steps To Perfect Eyebrows For  Women Who Don’t Have Time To Fuss.


Every women loves the idea of having the perfect set of eyebrows. Every celebrity, movie star and model is shamelessly paraded around on the red carpet with, what we consider, a perfect set of eyebrows. This gives us an unrealistic view on how we should look. What we don’t see is the hours it takes for them to sit in a makeup chair and get their makeup artist to effortlessly shape and apply them.

Knowing this doesn’t stop me from wanting perfect eyebrows. What I want is an easy, no fuss and quick way to have eyebrows and include it into my daily makeup routine. I want someone to show me what products I need, how to use them and for those products to be of high quality at an affordable price.

The good news is I have done just that. I have found this quick and easy 3 step process that makes having perfect eyebrows reality.

THE PRODUCT: Skin O2 Wow Brow Boxed Set


Step 1.  Define and Fill Using The Powder.

I also use this brow powder as an eye shadow and to contour.


Step 2. Shape & Set Using the light weight eyebrow wax.


Step 3. Lift & Enhance Using The Brow Bone Highlighter Pen.

This is a miracle pen as I use it not only to enhance my brows but also to conceal dark circles under my eyes and to highlight areas like cheeks and lips (to make them appear fuller).


These 3 products are going to be your holy grail for your eyebrows.

Just Take A Look At How Easy It Is.

Special Thanks To Skin O2 For Posting This Video.