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Makeup For Busy Women

15 Steps To A Nude Makeup That Will Last all Day

Bare It All With A Nude Makeup Look That Will Take You Into The Night.

You may have noticed that many celebrities are rocking the Nude Makeup look to red carpet events, looking like they have just stepped off the beach, thrown on a glamorous dress and pulled their hair back. This is the trend that is hot right now and one that you should definitely learn to do for your own personal undertones/colourings. You see, everyone has their own version to this look. Whether you decide to go a darker, more glamorous eye or whether you decide to do a lighter eye it doesn’t matter all you really need a nude color for your lip and you’re basically rocking the Nude makeup look.

Jennifer Lopez is famous for this look.


There is a big difference between a nude makeup and a no makeup and nude makeup is all about applying makeup and getting that no makeup look.

Here are the 15 steps you need to take to get the “Nude” Makeup Look.

Step 1. Foundation

Apply a cream foundation to your entire face. Foundation is a very important step in this process. Getting the Nude makeup look is all about an even skin tone. For a foundation tutorial that will have you falling in love with your skin click on this “LINK”

step 1

Step 2. Concealer

Use a concealer for under the eyes and any areas that need highlighting to give you that fresh faced look. For a more detailed tutorial on how to highlight your face click on this “LINK”

Step 2

Step 3. Set With Powder

Using a large brush and a powder a few shades lighter than your foundation sweep over the areas you have just applied concealer. Also apply it to your eyelids as they have a tendency to get oily. It will also help with the application of eyeshadow.

Step 4. Contour

Contouring has been a huge trend over the past few years and is still going strong. It’s a great idea to contour your face at this stage to chisel your features and give them definition. Areas such as your jaw line and cheek bones are a must. If you would like to see a tutorial on this alone please click on the “LINK”.

Step 4

Step 5. Bronze and Blush.

Using a bronzer/ blush use it to warm up your face. Use around your hair line and on your cheeks being careful not to over do it as you only want a warmth to your face not a statement.

Step 6. Blend, Blend, Blend.

You guessed it it is time to blend everything together. With a big brush take the time to blend what you have just put together, making sure there are no lines and that the colors gradually melt into each other. This is helps to give a Nude makeup look.

Step 7. Highlight/Illuminate.

To make our high areas pop apply a highlighting powder to your cheek bones, tip of the nose, cupids bow and brow bone. This is an important part as is just helps to make those areas stand out.

Step 7

Step 8. Fill in Your Brows

It’s no secret that for every makeup look it’s important to have awesome brows. Fill them in and make sure there are no sparse areas and that they start and finish in the right place for your face. If you are unsure of how to do this here is an easy to follow tutorial that will have you Queen of brows in no time just click on the “LINK”.

step 8

Step 9. Eyeshadow

For the Nude Makeup look it important to keep the shade very simple. Use a shade the will give you a little bit of depth and color nothing too dramatic. We will leave that for the winged eyeliner in the next step.

Step 10. Winged Eyeliner

It’s the holy grail of makeup. The Winged Eyeliner. It creates the glamorous part to this look. Without it the Nude Makeup look would be more natural. Use a thin angled brush and a liquid eyeliner in either gel or water based formula. The winged eyeliner is a step that requires patience and skill. Don’t rush it and take small steps at a time. For a tutorial that will have you producing the winged eyeliner look in a flash visit this “LINK”.

winged eye

Step 11. False Eyelashes

This is the thing that is going to take your Nude makeup look to the next level and Glam it up. False eye lashes are amazing. They have the ability to open up your eye and create the illusion that they are bigger.

step 11

Step 12. Mascara

Now apply lots of mascara blending both your natural lashes and your false lashes together so it looks as though they are one. Don’t forget to do your bottom lashes you will look unfinished if you don’t.

Step 13. Dots.

Now this step is optional but adds a little bit more drama to this classy makeup look.


Step 14. Lipstick

Now this is the thing that makes this more of the Nude Look. Getting the right nude shade for your skin color is crucial. Your eyes are a stand out now and the nude lip will even this look out.

Step 15. Set it and forget it

The final step is making sure you give it a final powder to make sure it is all set. Your final look should give you something like this.

final look