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12 Bold Lip Art Designs You Could Only Wear To A Photo Shoot.

These Lip Art Designs Are So Amazingly Good That They Could Only Ever Be Worn For A Photo Shoot.

If you look up lip design on Instagram or Pinterest you would be presented with an array of awesome and inspiring designs it would make you want to crack open your lippy draw. There are so many talented and aspiring makeup artists out there and the bold lip Art that they have designed and shared are proof of this.

Each design is carefully planned and intricately applied because there is no room for error. Makeup artists work to a strict time schedule and error is not worked into that plan. One slip could mean falling behind by hours and that means money.

Lip Art is amazing to look at but not a trend you could put into the real world. The time it takes to design this art would not be worth the time it takes to touch up after a coffee or a smooch. So although it looks fantastic on the pages of magazines or beauty sites it is not something that can be taken into the real world (unless you don’t mind not talking, eating or drinking for the time you have it on). Now when I say lip art I don’t mean lip tattoos, that is a whole new blog post, lip art is free hand makeup artistry at its best.

The Following Gallery Is Made Up Of Amazing Lip Art Designs.

1. Paint Splatter.


2. Art Deco



3. ’70’s Sparkle.


4. Green With Envy.


5. Vampire…ish.


6. Shattered Gold


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